Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nottingham University roacks

So I am attending university in the great city of Nottingham. To be more precise I am at Nottingham Trent University. For whatever reason this Uni gets a bit of flack from those who attend The University of Nottingham, and also from comedians at the local comedy clubs. But I do not care as my course is going great and I am having so much fun.
The first thing about coming to University is how it all works, these buildings are absolutely massive and pretty creative:
 The lecture halls are huge and you really are given your independence. Sure some take the wrong kind of advantage out of that where others are far more sensible. Me I like to think i fit somewhere in the middle.

All through life you hear people mention that these should be the best days of your life and now I think I know why. My god, living from home is awsome. I have my own student accommodation, at present it is in the halls as i am in my first year. But next year we are going to move into a student house which will be even more fun. Halls are great. Your student accommodation is certainly nice and modern with all amenities working. You have a 24hr care taker and handyman but you also have security. This is great for getting into the swing of living away from home and starting you university life in a comfortable manner.

Like many though I was nervous about moving out so I found a great site that explained different things and shared tips, you can view it here. Armed with information I felt ready for the big wide world, especially as I only cam from a small town!

I am looking forward to living in a student house next year, with this I imagine I will gain even more freedom and also be a lot more independent and able to do as I like. I have a great  hunch friends around me and so I am sure we will have the most fun ever. I am thinking of plenty of movies, party's and of course sleep in a large double bed. That is right in my halls they are all single beds, not to worry.

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